When we awaken self-worth within a person we empower them to set and achieve bigger goals because they’ve reconnected with a sense of purpose, confidence and eagerness to perform.

If the stage is not set for an awakening, the opportunity to grow and evolve a person’s capability dwindles. A powerful methodology for facilitating this growth and capability is coaching and mentoring.

Janet Cronstedt’s coaching programs provide the framework for strengthening self-worth and awakening empowerment within a person. By igniting personal curiosity, people are better equipped to build self-worth from the inside out. They can then shift their thinking from, “How do I achieve more,” to “How do I want to live.”
An inquiry into self-worth inspires participants to realize their potential and create a better future for themselves and their family—and the company benefits.

Janet fosters the forward thinking necessary so participants can more effectively explore answers to their questions that lead them to a higher sense of self-worth. Janet is a teacher as well as a learner on a continuous journey of self-awareness and is driven by the desire to unleash the potential of every person she coaches.

Janet offers a variety of coaching and mentoring opportunities for company leaders and members.

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