Direct sales leaders know their people are key to their success and growth. However, many struggle to find the right guidance and support to empower their team to a greater sense of self-worth. Developing this “softer side” of your team will improve engagement, retention and performance that you’ll see on the bottom line.

There is a huge return on investment when direct sales leaders invest in awakening self-worth within their people. Exploring this premise began years ago when Janet Cronstedt considered these three questions:


How is it that people can join the same direct sales company with the same product, opportunity and support, and few succeed while the majority fail?


Of the ones that succeed, to what do they attribute their success?


What can a direct sales company learn from these successes and failures and what can they do to increase the successes?

As a seasoned direct seller with a rare blend of highly successful field experience coupled with a corporate executive portfolio for international and domestic companies, Janet has developed a unique ability to connect with audiences at a deep level.

Her charisma, authenticity and life’s mission demonstrate her commitment to improving the performance and satisfaction of direct sales consultants and leaders everywhere.

Through extensive interviews, Janet has discovered the secret to both short-and long-term success in direct sales teams.

In her 45-minute keynote, Janet speaks to the secret of why some fail and others succeed. She proposes, “What if field success and company success yielded…”

Janet’s keynote leaves direct sales leaders impressed with ways to inspire better outcomes from their people. Her content deeply resonates with participants and provides them access to greater performance, satisfaction and enjoyment of their work.

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